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Military fails to stop terrorist massacres of civilians

November 19, 1997, Amnesty International report Algeria: Civilians Caught In A Spiral Of Violence:

Random mass killings broke out in Algeria after the 1992 elections were annulled by the military. The violence was blamed on Islamic groups who were poised to win the election. Many Algerians however, believe the matter is more complex. An estimated 80,000 people have been killed though accurate figures are hard to come by. 1997 report

The massacres lasted for hours; Yet despite the screams of the victims, sound of gunshots, flames and smoke from the burning houses, the security forces stationed nearby never intervened to come to the rescue of the victims, nor to arrest those responsible for the massacres, who got away on each occasion. In Beni Messous, near the most important barracks and security forces centre of the capital, more than 60 civilians were massacred. Neighbours telephoned the security forces who refused to intervene saying the matter was within the mandate of the gendarmerie.

Jan 20 1998 IPS article Killing Goes On Unabated As EU Mission Moves In:

Many of the worst attacks have been on communities that are known to support the fundamentalists...This has led human rights groups to allege that the military may either be turning a blind eye to the massacres, or carrying some out themselves.

June 4 1997 GUARDIAN NEWS SERVICE Only Algeria's regime can save Algeria

The infiltration of the GIA by the security services, and the manipulations and intra-group killings that have resulted, are behind the phenomenon of frightened ex-policemen seeking asylum abroad, hiding from the ghosts of atrocities committed by the regime in the name of the GIA

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