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Violence against women in Algeria's civil war

When women’s human rights defenders face political non-state actors (Human Rights for All report):

There were many women among the victims of fundamentalist armed groups, while fewer of them were victims of state repression. As a consequence, on one hand, very few women were supported by human rights organisations. On the other hand, the predominantly male victims of state repression benefited from their full support. This created an imbalance between men and women victims of human rights violations and of defenders. It also made both women victims and women defenders invisible...

Algerian forces continue campaigns against Islamist groups ( April 1998):

Armed gangs frequently kidnap women during attacks, and Algerian newspapers say many women raped by insurgents are killed if they become pregnant...On Monday, the Algerian press reported the kidnapping two days earlier of seven women by a gang of 20 men armed with rifles, hatchets and knives. The men swept into an eatery in the eastern port city of Annaba, taking away the women, two of whom were later found dead, their throats slit...On Sunday, the Algerian daily al-Khabar reported that some 1,600 rape cases by terrorists have been reported so far.

Algerian Violence Reaches New Heights (10/98 USCR Feature Story):

Women, particularly those leading western lifestyles, have disproportionately suffered, often becoming the victims of rape, kidnapping, and murder.
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