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Rape and trafficking of women by Russian forces

According to an Amnesty International report on Chechnya,

Civilians, including women and children, have reportedly been abducted, subjected to rape and other forms of torture, and killed... Detainees have been held in facilities that sometimes amount to little more than pits in the ground. They are denied access to relatives, lawyers and the outside world. Survivors have said that torture is routine and systematic. They have reported the rape of male and female detainees, beatings with hammers and clubs, electro-shock torture and exposure to tear gas.

A 2001 U.S. State Department report on trafficking in persons described Russia as "a source country for women trafficked for prostitution." Many of those women come from war-torn Chechnya...

Amnesty details the case of Irina, a 14-year-old who died in detention at the Chernokozovo detention facility after "being ill-treated and tortured, including being repeatedly raped, by guards."

Another young girl, Kheda (Elza) Visaevna Kungaeva, aged 18, was taken from her family home by the commander of a tank regiment and his soldiers. Colonel Yury D. Budanov "took Kheda Kungaeva to his tent, reportedly to interrogate her, but instead he strangled her. A Russian army medical expert later concluded that, before she died, Kheda Kungaeva had been raped by several men."