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US$6 reward for raping a Chinese Indonesian; Ethnic Chinese men forced to rape daughters and sisters

July 17 1998

More About The Indonesian Riots

Hi, this is [name deleted]. I have news from Penang (a state in Malaysia). There are some Chinese Indonesian just arrived in Penang. They said many things that are now happening in Indonesia. We don't know much cause, their people trying to cover up everything. The reason of doing all that is because they don't like the CHINESE who can EARN A LIVING, A BETTER LIFE THAN THEM.

These are what they are still doing beside rape, steal, burn:- They force their father to rape their daughter. They force their brother to rape their sister. They record everything into VCD. They take pictures of them to put into the Internet.

They pretending to be soldiers in the day. Putting red, green & blue cross at each house. Red = Burn. Green = There are some more to rape. Blue = There are some more to steal. At night, they will change & do all the stealing, raping & burning. They are in a group.

Someone is behind all these. Someone is giving away $6 US to rape a Chinese Indonesian. Many of them are pregnant.

A university student of Chinese descent now lying in a Singapore hospital, after operation to remove her uterus was carried out. The extensive damage to the uterus was a results of brutal rape by a group of pribumis (natives), forcing bottles & sticks into her vagina causing extensive damage.

5000 Chinese Indonesian died. The Chinese Indonesian think that the Jakarta-President B.J. Habibie is trying to cover up everything. The people who are still there must have no more money to leave that place. If other country would not want to help them. I guess, they got to wait for them to repeat the same thing over & over again.

As a human, we need to help them spread these new to all over the world because, they don't have any other way to call for help. I think the post office had closed because my Indonesian maid had sent letter back & had waited for a few months. I believe there are people in this world who can help them. All we need to do is try our best by using the Internet.

Yesterday I went to the News Group. I read a lot about how the Indonesian people scolded the Chinese. I read about what they think of the VCD. They like to see how the blood (Virgin) came out...They said, they are so fair & ... There are 8 men with one girl. However, all are written in Bahasa Indonesia. That is why, only the Asian people know more about what they are doing. I believe most of them won't take the time to spread the news to other country. These is only part of it.

really hope you all can help me.