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Burmese military's ongoing campaign of rape against ethnic minorities

The Western news media only talks about the plight of opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi when it comes to Burmese human rights violations, as if that is the worst thing that happens in Myanmar. For years, ethnic minorities in Myanmar have been targeted for rape and forced labor. The widespread systematic rape is still ongoing, now, in the 21st century. Minority groups targeted include the Karen, the Akha, the Shan and the Rohingya. Many people were tortured and killed after being raped.


TWO Akha girls, taken from their rural village by Burmese troops and used as army porters, could not have imagined the lethal brutality they would face during their forced internment...

"They had been relatives of my wife and their village was very close to ours, so I knew them well," said the headman. "The two of them had been raped continually for six nights by two or three men each night, including the soldiers' commander." Despite the multiple serial rapes, said the headman, the teens were still forced to labour all day as army porters.

"After their release," he said, "the two girls didn't sleep, didn't eat and eventually just died."

A 1997 Shan Human Rights report documents the mass murder of dozens of ethnic women and girls after being gang raped by Burmese soldiers. According to the report, on September 15, 1997, 120 troops led by Capt Htun Mya found 42 women and 57 men hiding in the forest in Kunhing township. The troops gang-raped all the women for two days and two nights. After that, all the 99 villagers were reportedly killed by the soldiers.

Myanmar soldiers massacre 22 Karen villagers (Jubilee Campaign August 1999 release)
Myanmar soldiers recently slaughtered 22 ethnic Karen villagers, including a baby and two children, aged 2 and 8, according to the human rights group Jubilee Campaign. Karen sources reporting to the British-based group say that another 400 villagers are under pursuit by soldiers who intend to kill them... Witnesses said that the victims were beaten to death or stabbed and some had their arms and legs broken first and were killed later. Others were placed inside empty rice sacks and pounded with a rice husker until they died. Among the victims was 19-year-old Naw Nall Naw who reportedly was gang raped by the soldiers before she was killed.
Rohingya Muslims Update (MSANEWS August 1997)
Killings, torture, rape and molestation of womenfolk, arrest and jailing are the daily norms in Arakan. These are ... continuing all the time. The inhuman atrocities and continuous crackdown by the Burmese regime have resulted in the fleeing of more than half of the Rohingya Muslim population out of the country. They are now wandering all over the world as stateless people passing miserable lives. Estimates have it that over 1.8 million Rohingyas are living as refugees in various parts of the Muslim world such as, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc.

School for Rape by Betsy Apple, an EarthRights International Report on rape in Burma

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