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Sudan E-activism and Advocacy Resources

Darfur Scorecard - Calling on US Congress to Stop Genocide
US citizens can check their legislator's record on Darfur by inputting their zip code on this site. The "Take Action" page lists 5 actions that can help influence Congress.
Save Darfur Coalition
5 actions an individual can take for personal and corporate divestment from Sudan.
Sudan Divestment Task Force
Template Letters requesting investment firms to divest from offending companies.
Genocide Intervention Network
Action Alerts, Advocacy Toolkits and more easy ways to take action.
Not on our Watch: the Mission to End Genocide in Darfur and Beyond

An easy-to-read book containing useful suggestions for how the average citizen can get involved, as well as analyses of how and why diplomatic efforts and international intervention had succeeded or failed on different occasions.