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Human-induced famine. displacement and rape

Women raped in Sudan's civil war (Seattle Times, Thursday, April 30, 1998):

The fighting has uprooted the Dinka and their cattle, making it impossible for them to plant crops...

"This is a purely man-made disaster," said Dan Effie of Norwegian People's Aid.

"They killed our young men, raped the women, burned our homes and schools and stole our cattle,"said Dominic Matiok, SPLA's administrator in Turalei,

British paper highlights growing controversy over relief aid (Mennonite Central Community News Service, October 2, 1998):
"The resulting disruption, aided and abetted by government policies that include bombing of food distribution sites, has hindered normal food growing operations by peasant farmers. Hence the famine."
SUDAN'S TROUBLES (PBS OnlineNewsHour July 30, 1998):
"Both the government and the rebels have reportedly used food as a weapon, hoping to gain military advantage by destroying crops and disrupting aid shipments to starving civilians."
Agencies warn of fresh Sudan famine (BBC news, Tuesday, December 22, 1998)

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