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Sexual and Gender minorities targeted for rape and murder

Individuals who are gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual are often victims of hate-crimes in the US:

A four year study by the Safe Schools Coalition documented 11 students in the state of Washington who were gang raped because of their sexual orientation between the years of 1994-1998 along with other forms of harassment and violence directed an additional 103 students because of their orientation.

March 9 1999
Severed head of Henry Edward Northington left on a footbridge leading to a popular summertime destination for gay people

Feb. 19 1999
Billy Jack Gaither, who lives with and takes care of his disabled parents, is beaten to death with an axe handle and burned on top of a pile of tires.

October 1998
Teenage boys in Buffalo trade high fives while beating and stomping Gary Trazaska to death.

October 8, 1998
Matthew Shepard found lashed to a fence post, beaten and left to die outside Laramie, Wyoming

Roxanne Ellis, 53, and Michelle Abdill, 42 - Oregon lesbian couple shot to death

"In Atlanta, six male-to female transgendered persons have lost their lives in "execution style" murders; six older gay men have been murdered and dismembered in New York City since 1991, their bodies dumped in garbage bags on nearby interstates; four gay men have been stabbed to death under similar circumstances in Denver; five African-American gay men have been murdered in their homes in and around Washington, DC since last October; and nine black transgendered people have been found murdered in Virginia."

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FTM transgender youth Brandon Teena raped and murdered. His 2 friends, a couple, were also murdered by Brandon's assailants.
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Summer of 1991
Louis Neal, 71, and James Ryan, 69, robbed and strangled in their homes in San Antonio by 41-year-old Javier Cruz . (this takes

What's called the ''homosexual panic defense'' - assaulters who excuse themselves by saying they became irrational when a gay man made a pass at them - can have many justifications. (Of course, if torture and execution were acceptable responses to an unwanted sexual advance, the world would have many fewer heterosexual men)

From article Beyond Matthew Shepard Case by By E. J. Graff, 04/11/99 , The Boston Globe

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