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Woodstock 99 turns into Rapestock

Time Magazine Article: (AUGUST 9, 1999 VOL. 154 NO. 6 ):

...during a performance by the group Korn on the first night, he saw a "very skinny girl, maybe 90 or 100 lbs.," get pushed into the mosh pit, where "a couple of guys started taking her clothes off... They pulled her pants down, and they were violating her."

Salon Magazine Article:

...and it seemed like most of the crowd around them were cheering them on ... It was so disturbing. You're thinking, if this girl was being raped, wouldn't all these people try to stop what was going on?"

ABC News Story 7/30/99:

There have also been allegations that troopers may have ignored festival-goers who reported potential rape situations. Additionally, investigators are looking into a report that a trooper told a woman brought to him in need of help that he would only help her if she bared her breasts.

Associated Press report:

"They were pushed in against their will and really raped. From my vantage point, it looked like initially there was a struggle, and after that there were other people holding them down," Schneider told the Post. "It seemed like most of the crowd around was cheering them on."

ABC News report:

Sandy Lattimore, emergency services director of the Rome office of the American Red Cross, said she had treated several victims of sexual assaults that had taken place in the mosh pit. story:

Rape Crisis Center Officials believe thousands of other rapes and sexual assaults took place at the three day event.

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