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The Peranakan - Indian and Chinese partial assimilation in the Malay World

Peranakan, literally 'descendants' in Malay and Indonesian, refers to populations of Indian or Chinese immigrants who adopted a native lifestyle. Distinct from other Chinese and Indian communities with close ties to the ancestral motherland, the Indian and Chinese Peranakan have in many cases adopted the native language and dress at home. However, they remain distinct communities who are not fully assimilated into the native population. Although many Peranakan have a degree of native ancestry (the early generations of Indian and Chinese immigrants were almost exclusively male; they found local wives), they retained their Indian and Chinese names and faiths, thus distinguishing themselves from the natives.

Chinese Peranakan

The subject of Chinese Peranakans is relatively well-documented. It is covered as part of the larger picture of . More web resources on the topic include:

Indian Peranakan

Indian Peranakans are also known as Chitty Malaka. Unlike the males of the Chinese Peranakans, Indian Peranakan men have adopted Malay dress. But both Indian and Chinese Peranakan women wear Malay dress.

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