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Pet Sins October 1999

The Five Star Stories

Note: This is a review of the movie, not the manga.

The Setting

Galactic wars in the Joker Star Systems. Different nations and empires battle it out with giant robots called Mortar Headds. Each Mortar Headd is controlled by a headd liner (human pilot) and a fatima. (a humanoid female form with expanded mental capabilities)

Voards Viewlard

Some Characters

Ladios Sopp: An effeminate young male with long blond hair. He is actually Amaterasu, the president of the planet Delta Blune and ruler of the Amaterasu Kingdom Demesnes.

Voards Viewlard : A headd liner. Sopp's friend. He is also Mission Routh, president of the Federal Republic of Trun.

Lachesis: A fatima. She is in love with Ladios Sopp.

Gender confusion and homoeroticism

In their first meeting, Viewlard mistakes Sopp for a beautiful woman, and calls him Butterfly ("Ocho-san"). Quite sometime later, he realizes Sopp is a man. Anyway, the attraction lingers: in one scene a drunk Viewlard attempts to climb on top of Sopp and kiss him. Sopp resists somewhat passively. Ths situation is conveniently resolved when Viewlard falls asleep before getting any further. Later, Viewlard helps Sopp reunite with his lady love for a happy heterosexual ending.

Ladios Sopp