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Pet Sins October 1999

Gall Force - The Eternal Story

Dykey girls and one rare black portrait:

The Story

The Solenoids (women) and Paranoids (aliens) battle for control over the newly formed planet, Chaos--the product of an advanced terraforming project. Ordered to defend the planet from the advancing Paranoid forces, the valiant crew members of the crippled Solenoid cruiser, "Star Leaf", find themselves cut off from the fleet.


Eluza, Star Leaf Commander: pink haired woman

Pony, computer systems officer: purple-haired black teenager with a revulsion for war. Despite her gentle nature, she shows physical courage in unexpected times.

Lufy, Combat Leader: short-haired butch blond ace fighter pilot with a face tattoo and a penchant for swear words.

Rabby, Star Leaf sub-captain: long-haired red head who has a love-hate relationship with Lufy

Catty, computer operator: pale-purple haired android passing for human. Rabby suspects treachery and attempts to destroy her. She is saved by Pony.

Patty, combat assistant: Black haired ivory skinned Japanese type

Rumy the kid: Little curly-haired blonde

The Gall Force Members

Gall Force is one of those rare pieces of anime with a positive (and less than marginal) black character. SIgnificant screen time and character development is devoted to Pony. In one scene, her eyes brim with tears as she looks through the window at the dead bodies of women floating by in space.

Anime like A Wind Named Amnesia (set in the US) has black villains in more than one case. Bubble Gum Crisis has black characters in passing crowds. Tekken 2 (the movie) has one marginal negative black character. Street Fighter has token black characters. (both positive and negative)

Nevertheless, Pony is always in the background of Gall Force group portraits, and unlike some other characters, does not return for subsequent episodes of Gall Force.

Tension between same-sex attraction and "natural" heterosexuality

Love hate relationship between the Rabby and the fighter pilot Lufy: The ace always rushes into solo combat missions against orders. Needless to say, this constant challenge of Eluza and Rabby's authority puts them on bad terms with Lufy.

The turning point in the plot comes when Lufy does not return from a combat flight. (she is shown lost in space in the wreckage of the battle) What follows a montage of scenes in which Rabby is agonizing over the loss of Lufy.

After the loss of the ace, the commander, cyborg, and the computer engineer sacrifice their lives to save the rest of the crew. Later, the 3 remaining crew members have a simultaneous dream sequence in which each pursues a shining male figure. (Of course none of these women have actually seen a real man before)

Patty and Rumy actually wake up from this dream finding themselves in each other arms, about to kiss. They are shocked. (The unnaturalness of same sex contact vs. the instinctive predisposition towards hetorosexuality?)

The final "ideal world" sequence

At the conclusion of the story, the audience is treated to a view of a new world (with men):

Pony is working as a cashier in a fast food joint. Rumy and Patty acquire male love interests. Catty is a movie star. Lufy is lounging on her motorcycle when she sees Rabby pass by on a scooter. Lufy casually tosses her soda can in the trash and takes off after Rabby.