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Pet Sins November 1999

Korean group shares food with whites only

This is something I observed in a supposedly progressive workplace:

The group of ethnically diverse co-workers from around the world sat around the table in a group meeting. A group of Koreans had some candy they were sharing among themselves. They gave some to a white male, bantering cheerfully, but ignored the rest of the people of color sitting nearby. Unfortunately, this was not the only such incident. These people would go out of their way to be friendly to whites, but they ignore or are even hostile towards other people of color.

This sort of thing happens a lot at work. I see East Asians being very friendly and having extensive contact with ethnic Europeans and the same folks don't bother to get to know people from Africa and other parts of the world, even when such people are around. Maybe in this PC age the rest of the colored folk would get a token hi-bye-small talk but many East Asians won't bother to get to know them the way they try to get to know white people.