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Pet Sins November 1999

White-Asian kids exclusively adored for their racial makeup

A Japanese co-worker married a white man and had 2 daughters. She was always bringing the kids around and showing them off. The Asian men would be so crazy about her kids. And the Asian women too, "Oh, how cute", "Oh, how beautiful!", "They look like little foreigh dolls".

I see this a lot in other social settings too. Girls of mixed Asian and white descent are especially adored. Funny I haven't seen the same reception for black and Asian bi-racial children. I always wondered why other Asians weren't into showing their pure Asian kids around so much. Why aren't there any Asian fan clubs for pure Asian kids or Asian+black or Asian+Latino children?

In the case of this particular co-worker, her 2nd daughter was particularly strange-looking. Both parents are pleasant-looking adults, but this little girl looked like neither of them -- her eyes are spaced extraordinarily close together, her face is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, like a gourd. I've nothing against "ugly" people, and many ugly-looking toddlers do grow up to be "normal-looking" people. But the point is, what makes this little girl so "beautiful" and attractive to Asian people is NOT her natural beauty but her "exotic" racial makeup.

This is simply racism --children are judged beautiful because they have some white features, not because they are naturally pleasant to look at. Whiteness is considered beautiful and blackness ugly. That's how many Asians see it.


Comment from 'Asian, CA'
I had a Korean co-worker who married a white guy. Had 2 girls. She shows them off a lot too.

Comment from 'white professional'
I think this kind of "Asian-white fetishism" when applied to children, is doing a great disservice to the children. You're giving them the message that they're being valued for their looks instead of their character. On the surface, it may be very flattering for the parents and even the children, to have people adoring their children for their "special looks" but in the end it is empty praise and sends the wrong message. Worse, it is a racist message.