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Pet Sins December 1999

Fantasy Goddess of Asia(TM) Barbie Doll???

The Mattel corporation has outdone itself in creating dolls that do not represent the world's women, whether it be in impossible female body size or in portrayal of "beauty." Its newest limited edition Barbie doll collection includes an Asian "fantasy goddess" doll that supposedly "celebrates worldwide beauty."

When Asian and Asian American women already face stereotypes of being exotic and mystical, having "oriental" beauty, and being over-sexified, it is appalling that Mattel would perpetuate these negative and shallow images by creating such a toy.

The title of the doll alone seems to direct itself at white male sexual fantasies of Asian and Asian American women.

Fantasy Goddess? Sounds like the name of some Playboy Pet of the Month -- NOT a doll someone would buy their daughter.

This of course, is in addition to the fact that the doll is supposed to represent all of Asia and the doll's outfit is a bad imitation of typical Chinese clothing. The doll is simply the Caucasian Barbie with a different pink dye for its "Asian" skin color.

Send a letter (we have copies to sign in the AASU/ISA office), make a phone call, drop an email- do not let this doll stay on the market. They may as well have made "Hoochie Mama African American Barbie" or "Gay Hairdresser Ken"! It marginalizes people and we should take action for once.

You can see my concern at:


Mattel mailing address:

Mattel Corporation
333 Continental Avenue
El Segundo, CA 90245-5032

(sample letter underneath if you wanna just cut/paste) Phone:1-800-524-TOYS and you can lodge a complaint about such a stereotypical doll.

Sample Letter
Dear Mattel, Inc.

As a consumer and community member, I am highly offended by the new design and merchandising of the new "Fantasy Goddess of Asia Barbie." Women of Asian descent are exoticized in the United States as prostitutes, sex slaves, and mail order brides. The objectification of Asian Pacific and Asian Pacific American women perpetuate racist stereotypes of exoticism, "oriental" beauty, and hyper-femininity.

I am appalled that your company would participate in such racist and sexist acts of pperpetuating these images that hold violent consequences. The title "Fantasy Goddess" even caters to White male sexual fantasies of Asian Pacific and Asian Pacific American women.

If the goal of your new Barbie is to promote "world wide beauty," I encourage you to go beyond the one-dimensional stereotyping to achieve this goal. Do NOT market the "Fantasy Goddess of Asia Barbie"! Sincerely,

(Posted by [name deleted])

Comment from '[name deleted]'
Hi Everyone! Please protest the potential stereotypical Asian Goddess doll! Every letter and call counts! Happy Holidays!

Comment from '[name deleted]'
I did not know about NAAAP until my son sent me this message. I believe you organizations like NAAAP are necessary to keep our societies healthy. I can really appreciate it because I grew up in South Africa. I was shocked when I came to the US to see the racism and Asian bashing here. I would like to thank you all. I believe we will have greater impact and be more effective to direct our correspondence (letters, calls, etc) to the officers of the company. I have extracted them from yahoo and attached them here.

Mattel corporation
333 Continental Blvd.
El Segundo, CA 90245
(310) 252-2000
Fax: (310) 252-2179
Industry: Recreational Products
Sector: Consumer Cyclical
Employees: 25,000
Officers: J.E. Barad, Chmn./CEO Autolitano, Pres.H.J. Pearce, CFO. F.Luzuriaga, Exec. VP. W. Stavro, Sr. VP/Treas. K.M. Farr, Sr. VP/Contr.N. Mansour, Counsel.