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Pet Sins July 1999

White student lightly punished for harassing black student

In the dorm, some European American students engaged in harassment of African American students. This culminated in a decapitated black doll smeared with ketchup being stuck on the room door of one of the African American students.

The perpetrator was eventually caught and made to write a letter of apology. Her enrolment was not affected. She was allowed to proceed with her semester abroad program. In contrast, another student who set off the water sprinklers by accident (she left a lighted cigarette on a rug) was suspended for a full semester of her senior year in college. There was no damage to the dorm except for water damage in the student's room.

We understand the severity of setting a dorm on fire, intentionally or otherwise, but the harsh penalty for this accidental act that the student deeply regretted only serves to show that other students who commit deliberate and hateful acts get a slap on the wrist.

student at East Coast private college