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Pet Sins January 2000

The Debut

The Debut, written, directed, and produced by Gene Cajayon, follows the story of a spectrum of Filipino Americans who try to integrate towards whiteness, or blackness, or just be themselves.

Many people, including Asian Americans, dismiss Asian American films as corny and trite - repeating the usual clichés of race, family, and inter-generational conflict. But The Debut is no cliché. The film takes on serious topics without losing any of its humor.

The movie is a lot of fun to watch for its gorgeous food and dance scenes. But amidst the party atmosphere, Cajayon, who is Filipino and Vietnamese American, deals with issues such as coalition building between people of color and white condescension. His characters are not stereotypes. There were ample laughs throughout the movie, but its ideas are not to be laughed at.

The movie is being self-distributed by the filmmakers on a city-by-city tour of the US.

Official site: http://www.debutfilm.com