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Pet Sins April 2001

Where has Disney's globetrotting taken us?

Disney selects diverse locations and attempts to represent diverse peoples in its various animated movies.

The MovieThe SettingMain Characters
The Emperor's New GrooveCentral AmericaNative Meso-Americans
TarzanAfricaEuropeans and animals
The Hunchback of Notre DameFranceGypsies and Frenchmen
PocahontasNorth AmericaNative Americans and Europeans
The Lion KingAfricaAnimals
AladdinThe Middle EastArabs
Beauty and the BeastFranceFrench
The Jungle BookIndiaIndians and animals

The rest of Disney's animated feature films like Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid are not listed. They all take place in unspecified European settings.

At this point in time, Disney has been to Africa twice and we are yet to see any major characters who are black Africans.