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Pet Sins May 2003

White men's reaction to minority interracial couples

I'm Native American and a woman of independence. I would like to comment on your article White reactions to interracial unions between people of color. Since I found out how to annoy the heck out white people especially white men about this subject, I have taken (savage) delight and enjoyed every single second of watching them squirm. Not that I'm mean and nasty about it; I saw their weakness and I tromped on it. After I ripped the thin veil away from them I could see where they really stood on racial issues, I felt like I wasn't powerless over situations with them anymore.

I don't do this anymore much because I don't run into these types of white men. The ones I know are pretty cool and don't buy into that white man's privilege crap. Thanks for your article, it makes people think.

Happy Lil' Indian lady

Comment from 'African American man'
"White Reactions to Interracial Unions Between People of Color" was indeed an insightful article. Being a African American, I have always been intrigued by this double standard... So what can we do to correct it???? I am afraid neither you nor I will have an answer to that question in our lifetime.