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Pet Sins May 2003

Korean man afraid to show Chinese girlfriend to his community

My Korean ex-boyfriend took me to Korean church but he said I couldn't go in because he was afraid people would see me... He made me wait in the lobby. Later he drove me to a deserted hotdog stand and made me wait there until the service was over. I was very frightened because there was a loony man wandering around and muttering to himself. I was all alone... His father is a pastor, but apparently, in their family, Christian love applies to Koreans only.


Comment from ' E.P.'
It seems that this woman's experience with Korean churches might not be unique. The following account was posted by a black woman on the old yahoogroup asianswholikeblackpeople:

"I am a person that loves all people equally. However it seems that certain asian groups are more racist toward blacks than others. No matter where I go in Georgia, I always get a bad reaction from Koreans, and a better reaction from the Vietnamese and Chinese. When I go to a Korean beauty supply or restaurant I never want to return, however I have Vietnamese friends that are closer than my own relatives...I COME WELL -DRESSED and mannered. However the Koreans talk about me and follow me around until I leave, and when they find out that I am fluent in Korean they hide. I went to church with my Korean friend,and they asked ... my friend why is that black creature here, and I told them in Korean 'everyone is welcome in the house of God.'"