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Pet Sins July 2005

European can teach Japanese language classes, but a non-Japanese Asian cannot

I applied to be a Teaching Assistant for undergrad Japanese at [university where I am in a graduate program]. Before coming to this university, I lived in Japan and studied Japanese for X number of years. Prior to living in Japan, I studied Japanese at the university level.

The head of the Department, who is [European ethnicity], told me my application was denied -- "No non-native Japanese speakers allowed". He himself is teaching Japanese 101! Why isn't this standard applied to him?

I was so pissed off.

non-Japanese Asian

Comment from 'Asian student'
Who does that man think he is? Dispenser of culture to the whole world? Is it his job to tell Asians what parts of their culture belong to them and what doesn't? And obviously he must own Japanese culture so the rules don't apply to him. A typical "white people are universal to all cultures and people of color can only be specific to their own" mentality.