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Pet Sins October 2008

African American racially harassed in workplace

My name is [...]. I am a resident of [place name]. I am employed at [company name] in [place name]. I am an African American working among mostly white personnel. Aside from me, there's five other African Americans, Keep in mind that three out of the other five were recently hired. I have filed a law suit against my employer because I am continously harassed racially. My personal vehicle has been vandalized, I have been called black m------ f-----, some white employees stated that they should hang a sign in my work vehicle that reads "no niggers."

I reported the first incident to the Terminal Manager, who assured me that this will not happen again. Our employee handbook specifically states that racial discrimination "will not be tolorated!" Less than three months later I was attacked racially again. Now that I have filed suit, the work environment has become very hostile. It has become very unfair, meaning the workload is not evenly assigned, and I am forced to take "all" of the late runs.

One time, a driver was dispatched to go to a place in a mostly black area, he (the driver) told the dispatch that it was getting dark, and that he should make the delivery the following day. In the past, I've been dispatched to [town name], a mostly white town in [state name], after dark, I went. This other driver felt that he would be put in danger going to a mostly black area, I too felt threatened going to [mostly white town].

This harassment continues, and management continues to "sugarcoat" each incident.

If you successfully handled workplace discrimination before, feel free to send your story.