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Pet Sins April 2009

The Black Eyed Peas

"Elephunk" CD

"Monkey Business" CD

The L.A. hip hop/funk/rap band Black Eyed Peas was founded by Jamaican American will.i.am and Filipino/African American apl.de.ap in 1995. They were later joined by Taboo, who is of Mexican/Shoshone descent, and Fergie Fergie, who is of Mexican, Irish and Scottish ancestry.

Their breakout album Elephunk featured the anti-war song 'Where is the Love?', which became an international hit. "The apl song", also in Elephunk, was sung partly in Tagalog and gave tribute to Filipinos who fought for America in WWII. Apl.de.ap was honored in the Philippines for promoting his Filipino heritage and for his support for Filipino and Filipino American artistes. (Apl.D.Ap and Gary Valenciano are honored in the 2008 MYX Music Awards)

"Where is the Love?" music download

"The apl song" music download