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Pet Sins November 1999 Issue
White privilege in Asian American circles

Asian American communities are often portrayed by mainstream fiction as aloof, inscrutable, and unwelcoming to 'outsiders'. But those stereotypes are well, just stereotypes. In reality, some Asian Americans could be quite welcoming to outsiders of the 'right' race.

While many 'liberal' whites have become comfortable with discussing and condemning white racism towards people of color, many of the same 'open-minded' whites are reluctant to react to Asian American racism against other non-whites in the same way they judge Euro-American racism against non-whites. For whatever reason, they try to pretend Asian racism doesn't exist or does not matter as much, thereby denying the impact of racism on the lives of others.

Race relations are seldom as simplistic as movies and news media make them out to be. Unless all Americans, regardless of race, are held equally accountable for creating an America where all are welcome, there is little hope for progress.