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Pet Sins March 2000 Issue
Black/Yellow social relations in Western countries

The Pet Sins webzine's primary focus is the discrimination exchanged between members of oppressed groups, such as incidents of bigotry between African Americans and Latino Americans, and racism in the gay 'community'.

Why the focus on seemingly trivial incidents? Most of us cannot identify with the kind of people who dragged James Byrd to death or killed Matthew Shepard. However, many of us unthinkingly commit daily 'pet sins' which fuel the larger problems of society's racism, homophobia and other "isms".

We need to recognize ourselves, and individuals in our communities, as part of the larger problem before we can address the issue of prejudice.

Our content is only as diverse as the people who write in. Readers are invited to submit their experiences. To date, most contributors are from the U.S., therefore all incidents take place in the U.S. unless specified otherwise. Submissions from all over the world are welcome.