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Pet Sins January 2001 Issue
The idealization of Yellow Woman-White Man pairings in both the East and the West

There is nothing wrong with East Asian woman-white man pairings, just as there is nothing wrong with any other kind of interracial pairing. But it is worth noting that this pairing is favored, not just in the US, but also in some Asian circles, far more highly than other pairings. What is more disturbing is that some of this pairing's fans often marginalize other kinds of interracial couples.

Many supporters of this pairing who are simultaneously dismissive towards other types of interracial couples are not even white men or yellow women. They gain no real personal benefit from promoting a particular trend, but are rather repeating the ideas that society has brainwashed them with. Something that is has widespread social support will generally get more media exposure. And something that has more media exposure will in turn receive more social acceptability. So it becomes a vicious cycle in which "the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer", in terms of social acceptance.