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Pet Sins December 2001 Issue
Men & Women of Color in White Society

The experience of a non-white man at the hands of white society and the experience of a non-white woman can be drastically different. This difference extends beyond their social life to the opportunities and privileges the "mainstream" offers them.

There are times when an outsider observing men of color and women of color from the same community discuss their experiences with the larger European American society would think men and women are from two different planets! Men and women can have vastly different attitudes towards whites. Men and women sometimes find themselves on opposite sides of the interracial dating debate. This scene replays itself in various communities - Black, Latino, Asian...

Individual people of color have noticed this subtle division in their communities along gender lines. Some believe the white establishment intentionally weakens black, Latino and Asian communities from within by turning their men and women against each other. Others think various un-engineered social trends contribute to the unequal situation between men