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Pet Sins March 2001 Issue
Non-Europeans & women in animated movies

While some irate viewers take issue with racial and gender stereotypes in children's animated films, others say, "What's the big deal? It's just a cartoon. It's harmless."

It is precisely when bigoted ideas are disguised as harmless entertainment that they most easily gain access to the mind. If prejudiced portrayals are openly presented as such, most well-meaning parents would dialog with their children about the negative messages of the children's viewing choices. But when left unchallenged, racial stereotypes ride the waves of visual pleasure into the minds of the young target audience when they are disguised as fun and entertainment.

In this issue, we review a few animated features for their portrayal of women and non-whites. It is not our intention to tell readers what to watch or what to buy, but simply to share perspectives and ask questions.