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Pet Sins September 2004 Issue
'Affirming Diversity': contradictions and hidden motivations

Are good intentions always enough? Any of us, as individuals, can do damage to the causes that we claim to love. Some of us who want to live as self-respecting people of color still carry with us vestiges of internalized racism that work against our goal of being a proud, self-accepting person of color.

Some of us, as members of the 'privileged white majority', claim to 'love diversity', but are not conscious of our internalized ideas of privilege - our colonial predecessors did experience 'diversity', but only on their terms, with people of color serving their pleasures in an unequal exchange.

At times, we may claim to uphold justice, but we hold different groups of people to different standards of justice. Mainstream society may claim to celebrate the 'mixed-race heritage' but are all people of mixed ancestry treated alike, or does what kind of 'mix' you are matter?

In this issue, we explore the contradictions and double standards that sometimes surface in interactions with/among minorities.

Look within. Be mindful of your thoughts and motivations.