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Pet Sins January 2005 Issue
Asian relations with whites and non-whites

In November 2002, we presented Fall-out of the White-Yellow Love Fest. Since then, readers, both Asian and non-Asian, have written in to share their experience with Asian racism. This issue is dedicated to their perspectives.

Although it has been alleged by individual Asians and non-Asians that:

  • Many Asians believe the white European is the superior human being
  • Many Asians look down on other people of color

we cannot stress more strongly that an entire group of people should not be typed based on a few individual bad examples. It should also be noted that Asians aren't the only people of color who ascribe to white supremacy. We hope that the sharing of individual experiences with Asian racism can lead us, whether Asian or non-Asian, to examine the learned responses we have acquired with regards to people of different races.