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Pet Sins January 2006 Issue
Perceived relationships between 'race' and 'desirability'

Political correctness dictates the idealized media representations of interracial families. People in interracial relationships are depicted as open-minded, courageous individuals standing up to society's bigotry and censure in the name of love. While this is indeed the story of many interracial couples, what some have observed is that racism - whether in its more 'common' form of 'white-is-better-than-colored' standards, or as reverse discrimination in the form of 'mixed bloods are cooler than full bloods"attitudes - can exist in people who date or marry interracially..

In March 2004, we presented Perceptions of 'Race' and intermarriage trends. In May 2003, we explored Social reactions to interracial couples. Since then, many readers have written in to share their opinions and questions about certain races or racial combinations are seen as more or less desirable than others. In this issue, we present these diverse perspectives on the conflicting attitudes society has towards race, intermarriage and mixed race identities.

[Opinions presented in the articles are the views of the individual writers and do not necessarily reflect the views of www.color.org.]