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Pet Sins July 2008 Issue
Queer People of Color in Film

There is a prevailing media stereotype is that being 'queer' is a 'Western' or white phenomenon and that non-whites who are gay or lesbian must choose between a white European/North American partner and their traditional cultures or families. Many queer 'Asian' films set in Western countries, such as The Banquet or My Beautiful Laundrette focus on these themes. While there is nothing wrong with such movies, it is also important to highlight the stories of queer people of color within their own communities and the existence of queer couples of color.

The reality is that queer people of color have always existed independently of European/North American influences throughout history.

In this issue, we present some gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender cinema resources (by no means intended to be exhaustive) which present queer people of color living and loving in their own world (instead of operating as a semi-outsider in a larger white community).

These lists are provided for convenience. They are not intended to be exhaustive nor are they intended to represent all people of color.