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We appreciate feedback and article submissions from our readers. Contributors, please kindly include references for any statements presented as fact whenever possible. We may not be able to post all articles submitted. ColorQ reserves the right to not publish any submission. ColorQ editors will not post full names or any other identifying information in an article unless requested by the contributor and deemed appropriate by the editors.

If you have a query about a particular section of our site, we encourage you to read the "About" information for the section before contacting us. You may find that your query can be answered by the "About" page.

If you wish to contact the writer of an article, you can email the writer of the article directly if contact information is available. If you are interested in contacting the writer of an article which does not contain the writer's email, you can email us. Please specify the url of article so that the webmaster can identify the article and notify the appropriate contributor if possible. ColorQ editors may not necessarily have the up-to-date contact information of all contributors.

Please read the Terms of Use before contacting us with article submissions and comments. Include a specific and descriptive message title/header with your email so that we can direct messages to the relevant contributors or editors. Messages with generic, non-descriptive titles such as "Hi", "Re:", "no subject", "comment", "your webpage" may be deleted as spam. may occasionally host or link to articles in languages other than English, but please write to us only in English or the webmaster may not be able to read your message and re-direct it appropriately.

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