Welcome to ColorQ World, a space where people of color and friends share perspectives and exchange experiences.

Racial and cultural dialog in the West is dominated by the discussion of white/European vs Other relations. Many people of color concern themselves only with relating to the white/European 'mainstream'. But diverse non-European groups interact with each other in oppressive or positive patterns as well. Dialog and understanding between different communities of color is just as important in making the world a better place for all of us.

Pet Sins Webzine

A webzine about the 'small' daily ways in which members of marginalized groups discriminate against each other, as well as positive exchanges between people of color.

Color Club

A look at the history of exchanges and unions between non-European peoples.

Articles Etc

Non-Eurocentric perspectives on racism, sexism, homophobia, women's history and gay history.

Human Rights Corner

Human rights issues suggested by our readers, with a focus on stories under-reported in Western media.

ColorQ Gallery

ColorQ World's original images celebrating cross-cultural friendships with a unique focus on people of color.

Bible Story Corner

The Bible as a story of people of color and gender minorities.


E-thanks - E-thanks is a program supported by the Flow Fund, whose stated mission is "to recognize noncommercial or personal Web pages that are noteworthy for their altruism and generosity of spirit." ColorQ World would like to thank e-thanks/Flow Fund for their donation. We are honored.

A shout-out to our readers and writers: Thank you all for your feedback and for keeping the articles coming. This is truly your site.

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